Motorcycle Riding Co Mission Statement

We aim to:

  •  Foster good, safe, courteous road riding on New Zealand roads.
  • Train new riders to a high level of competence, and provide them with skills that will help them to enjoy their machine and survive in traffic.
  • Provide more advanced training for road riders that might be returning to bikes after a break of some years, or to commuter riders that have bought a bigger machine and are anticipating covering longer distances on rural roads.
  • Provide a service as a guide to tourists, both Kiwis touring their own country and visitors from overseas.

Let's cut the cackle: most of you just want to get your license, right? You need to go:

TO THIS PAGENothing like towing a spare!!

Motorcycle Riding Co can make one of their bikes available for your use if you have not yet bought one for yourself.

Motorcycle Riding Co's Approved Instructor works to meet the legal requirements of the NZ Transport Agency, but also passes on roadcraft and knowledge acquired during a long career biking in NZ and overseas.

Touring the heartland
You could be touring the heartland safely if you are taught by Motorcycle Riding Co.

Just be wary: motorcycles can be habit forming, although I have cut down to only these:

Hope the wife never finds out about all of these

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